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Ripcord Power Smoker

The World's Most Complete Smoke Testing System

Efficient and cost effective, smoke testing has become a world-wide standard for finding leaks in sewer and plumbing systems. By forcing smoke-filled air through a sewer or plumbing system, leaks can be quickly detected as smoke escapes through problem areas. HURCO® provides all you need to manage a complete smoke testing program better and more profitably.

HURCO’s “LiquiSmoke™” is the safest and cleanest way to smoke test a sewer line. LiquiSmoke™ DOES NOT contain toxic compounds like “zinc chloride”, the active ingredient in smoke bombs. LiquiSmoke™has an indefinite shelf-life and can be shipped year-round without a hazardous shipping document.

For a government report on the dangers of zinc chloride.

LiquiSmoke is also efficient. It requires only two people for use with the Ripcord Smoker system. LiquiSmoke is a fraction of the cost of smoke bombs, and is much easier and safer to use.

RIPCORD Smoker/Super RIPCORD Smoker
The "Original RIPCORD Smoker" and the "Super RIPCORD Smoker" feature precision balanced cast aluminum impellers for maximum air movement at high resistance. RIPCORD Smoker produces up to 4,130 CFM at 3.0 static pressure and Super RIPCORD Smoker produces up to 8,761 CFM at 3.0 static pressure.

RIPCORD with SuperJet

The RIPCORD & Super RIPCORD just got better with the Super Jet.

Now equipped with the Super Jet high performance muffler.

  • Super heating muffler.
  • Atomizes fluid resulting in nearly a 100% burn.
  • Will double LiquiSmoke performance with half the amount of fluid.
  • Pays for itself with the first 5 gallons of fluid use.
  • Nearly eliminates any residual fluids.
1. SuperJet is designed to raise the temperature of our LiquiSmoke to 950 degrees, well beyond its flash point. 2. As the temperature rises, so does the pressure in the SuperJet coil system.
3. This pressure creates a true atomization of our LiquiSmoke resulting in a nearly 100% burn. Less fluid, more smoke! 4. The unique patent pending design of the SuperJet makes it more cost efficient then competitive models, including insulated systems, by up to 3 times.

LiquiSmoke™ Data
LiquiSmoke MSDS Test Summary (pdf) (152 KB)
Scientific Evaluation of LiquiSmoke (pdf) (24 KB)
MSDS Liquid Only (pdf) (72 KB)
MAXIM Technologies, Inc. and WOHL Detailed Report (pdf) (532 KB)
Compoounds Not Detected in LiquiSmoke (pdf) (334 KB)

Smoke Testing PSA Kit
Smoke Testing Notice Ad (pdf)
Smoke Testing Door Hanger (pdf)
Form Letter (pdf)
Smoketesting PSA (Television)
Smoketesting PSA (Radio)

Online Support  
http://www.smoketesting.com/ provides information regarding sewer system smoke testing activities 24 hours a day seven days a week.