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Hydrostatic Test Pumps

Super Pumper

Super Pumper - 700 PSI - 27.6 GPM

Hydrostatic testing insures the quality installation of new or repaired water mains and sewer force mains. For product details click here or click on the "details" button above.

  • Pumps can handle up to 10% chlorine solution.
  • Unique manifold system eliminates leak points and reduces the amount of work required to repair the pump or replace the diaphragms.
  • Bypass relief valve takes pressure off the pump during engine start-up and safeguard against valve seat sticking that could cause pump damage.
  • Utilizes a damper diaphragm to eliminate “bursting” damage when pressure is introduced to the inlet side of the pump. HURCO™ pumps can run completely dry!  
  • Four diaphragm pumps deliver up to 700 PSI and up to 27.6 GPM.

 When Performance Counts
HURCO™ offers the best available diaphragm pumps with Honda or Briggs & Stratton engines:

 Like its namesake, the “Old Faithful™” line of hydrostatic test pumps are engineered for reliability and durability, with low cost maintenance and nearly “wear-free” operation:

  • Twin diaphragm pumps deliver up to 580 PSI and up to 9.8 GPM.