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Type XHHW-2 / RW90  Copper Conductor 
Product Description:


    Stranded Bare Copper per ASTM-B3, ASTM-B787 and ASTM-B8
    Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) per UL-44
Temperature Rating:
  Voltage Rating: 
    600 Volt
Any color available
    Underwriters Laboratories Standards UL-44
    ASTM Stranding Class B3, B8, B787
    Federal Specification A-A-59544
    Canadian Standards Association C22.2 NO. 38
    NEMA WC-70/ICEA S-95-658
    NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC)
    UL 1685-FT4/IEEE 1202 (70,000 Btu/hr) Flame Test (1/0 AWG and larger)
    ICEA T-29-520 (210,000 Btu/hr) Flame Test
    ARRA 2009, Section 1605 "Buy American" Compliant
    Type XHHW-2/RW90 building wire is intended for general purpose applications utilized in conduit,
    underground in conduit, or other recognized raceways for services, feeders, and branch-circuit wiring
    as specified in the National Electrical Code (NEC).  Type XHHW-2/RW90 is permitted for 600 volt
    applications and can be used in wet or dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90ºC.  Suitable
    for applications requiring low-leaking circuits and a dielectric constant of 3.5 or less.
    A great alternative to eliminate the need for lube.  Slick outer surface for easy pulling.
    XHHW-2/RW90 is available in sizes 8 AWG throug 1000 KCMIL.  On 250 KCMIL and larger,
    sequiential foot markings located every foot for easy measuring.  Rated VW-1.  For 1 AWG
    through 4/0 AWG, sequential foot markings on master reels only unless otherwise specified.
    6 AWG and larger rated Sunlight Resistant in all colors.  1/0 AWG and larger are rated for
    cable tray use and comply with IEEE 1202/FT4 (70,000 Btu/hr) flame test and ICEA T-29-520
    (210,000 Btu/hr) flame test.
  Standard Reel Size:
    8 AWG through 250 KCMIL: 500', 1000, 2500', 5000' reels
    300 KCMIL: 500', 1000', 3500' reels
    350 and 400 KCMIL:  500', 1000', 3000' reels
    500 KCMIL: 500', 1000', 2500' reels
    600 KCMIL: 500', 1000', 2000' reels
    750 KCMIL: 500, 1000', 1500' reels
    1000 KCMIL: 500', 1000' reels  

Part NumberAWGConductor StrandingNominal WeightInsulation Thickness (in)Nominal OD (in)
AXH-0807 8763 LBS/M'0.0450.236
AXH-0607 67101 LBS/M'0.0450.274
AXH-0407 47153 LBS/M'0.0450.322
AXH-0307 37188 LBS/M'0.0450.350
AXH-0207 27234 LBS/M'0.0450.382
AXH-0119 119303 LBS/M'0.0550.438
AXH-1/0 1/019374 LBS/M'0.0550.470
AXH-2/0 2/019464 LBS/M'0.0550.514
AXH-3/0 3/019577 LBS/M'0.0550.564
AXH-4/0 4/019718 LBS/M'0.0550.620
AXH-250 250 KCMIL37826 LBS/M'0.0650.671
AXH-300 300 KCMIL37985 LBS/M'0.0650.724
AXH-350 350 KCMIL371144 LBS/M'0.0650.771
AXH-400 400 KCMIL371302 LBS/M'0.0650.815
AXH-500 500 KCMIL371618 LBS/M'0.0650.896
AXH-600 600 KCMIL611969 LBS/M'0.0801.023
AXH-750 750 KCMIL612411 LBS/M'0.0801.158
AXH-1000 1000 KCMIL613197 LBS/M'0.0801.312