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Boretough- Extra High Strength Boring Wire

BoreTough® Extra High Strength CCS 1150 UL

BoreTough® is designed to withstand damage from sharp objects, harsh environments, and high-powered pipe pulling equipment during rigorous installations.  BoreTough™ offers the highest CCS tensile strength and jacket durability offered to the underground pipeline industry.  
BoreTough® provides a strong locating signal which has been approved by UL for tracer wire applications to ensure consistent, reliable performance. Watch the video now.

      Copper Clad Steel
  Temperature Rating:
      -20°C to 80°C
  Operating Voltage:
      30v or 600v
      Any available
  Standard Reel Size:
      500', 1000' or 2500' Reels

Part Number Spec AWG Nominal Weight Insulation Thickness (in) Break Load
BT-1201  12 24.97 LBS/M' 0.045 1150