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Snow Markers

Glasforms composite fiberglass snow and marker poles improve roadway demarcation for motorists and snow removal crews. Poles are produced in a bright, safety orange color with ultra violet light stabilizer for color retention. The one-piece poles are designed for either direct burial into the shoulder of the road or for attachment to existing u-channel sign posts. Snow and marker poles are available in three standard cross sections and in multiple lengths to achieve the proper combination of stiffness and flexibility. Should the composite poles or posts be directly impacted near the ground-line by snow removal equipment, the composites will flex or break away to minimize potential equipment damage, versus conventional metal poles and posts that may disable equipment.
The elliptical profile offers a stiffer design as compared to the standard triangular shape. The flattened back is designed for easier installation with any hardware.
The rectangular flat profile allows for application of reflective sheeting to either side of the poles. All poles have radius edges and beveled corners to accommodate easy installation directly into the ground or to posts using stainless steel nuts and bolts. The 3/16” X 1 ¼” solid bar offers more flexibility and a lighter weight. It is ideal for connecting to existing u-channel or trail marking in remote locations. It can also be attached to cable or telephone pedestals for easy locating in snow or high grass.

Flexible Snowpole Markers

Elliptical Snow Poles


Rectangular Snow Poles

3/8" Snow Pole Design Drawing

3/16" Snow Pole Design Drawing


3/8" Snow Poles

3/16" Snow Poles


Flexible Snowpole Markers Profile