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UBOLT-COTE® Pipe Supports

Corrosion can occur between uncoated UBolts and pipes due to metal contact. This corrosion and pitting can eventually develop into pinhole leaks. Metal contact can be completely eliminated by utilizing APS Atlas® Pipe Support Pads and APS UBolt-Cote. UBolt-Cote is excellent for use on plastic, FRP, or glass-lined pipe for shock absorption.

UBolt-Cote provides corrosion resistance and cathodic protection. All sizes are available. Galvanized long tangent UBolts ranging in sizes through 20" are readily available. Larger sizes and other types of coating such as zinc, cadmium, stainless, Xylan (PTFE) are also available. 


The UBolt-Cote is a seamless, vulcanized, polyolefin material that can be applied to all types of UBolts. It is excellent for eliminating corrosion problems on pipes in refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, offshore platforms, rigs, and the shipping industry. The UBolt-Cote also helps to reduce vibration and noise levels.  Download the UBolt-Cote® Brochure.


  • VERSATILITY - With a wide variety of sizes available, UBolt-Cote can be applied to all makes and sizes of UBolts.
  • PROTECTION - A rugged and durable covering eliminates metal to metal contact.
  • RELIABILITY - UBolt-Cote provides high abrasive and corrosive resistance through a continuous sheath which eliminates fraying and unraveling.  UBolt-Cote is virtually unaffected by heat, ultraviolet rays, vibration, electrolysis, sandblasting or any other rigors conducive to an industrial and marine environment.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION - The UBolt size has been considered to accommodate the coating thickness assuring a secure fit over the pipe.