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Hammer Cushion Pads


In pile driving, the very nature of the business is pounding, but preferably not on your equipment or your profits. APS can help protect both with our new Hammer Cushion Pads. The pads extend the life of your hammer while transmitting the maximum striking force to the pile.

APS Hammer Cushion Pads have proven themselves in all types of pile driving applications. Hammer Cushion Pads have to be strong to withstand pounding while effectively transmitting the force needed. They must also protect your equipment and the pile. APS pads are the best in accomplishing both of these tasks.

Made of high impact phenolic material, the APS Cushion Pad absorbs the initial hammer shock while transferring the power that you need to the helmet and into the pile. By absorbing this initial hammer shock, APS Cushion Pads reduce the tremendous wear and stress to which hammers are subjected, thereby, minimizing breakdowns and nonproductive downtimes. Damage to the contact point of the pile is also lessened often making it unnecessary to trim the pile which can be a time-consuming and costly procedure.

APS manufactures each cushion pad to your specifications with accurate sizing guaranteed. Our prices are competitive, and we pride ourselves on a quick and accurate turnaround.