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Manufacturer Links

Adaptor Inc. -

Valve Box stabilizers, prevents movement, reduces infiltration. Internal/External Adaptor Seal prevents infiltration into sewer systems. 


Advance Products & Systems -

Engineered Casing Spacers for single or multiple carrier pipes, End Seals and Innerlynx for sealing annular spaces. 


Agave Wire - 

A high quality, broad line tracer wire supplier that is ISO 9001 Certified and our products are UL/CSA approved. 


Oldcastle Precast Enclosure Solutions (Carson Industries) -

Strong, lightweight meter pits and box covers water& sewer applications. 


Gil Industries, Inc. - 

Flush Hydrants and locking Water Sampling Stations 


Glasforms Inc. - 

Underground Utilities Markers and Test Stations. 


Gripper Gasket -

Boltless Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe Valves and Fittings.


Hurco Technologies, Inc. - 

Valve & Vac™ Vacuum Excavating and Valve exercising, Spin Doctor™, Ripcord Smoker™, Hydrostatic test pumps, Deflection testing equipment. 


Lansas Products - 

Sewer Test Plugs, By-Pass Sewer Plugs, High Pressure Plugs, Vacuum Testing Equipment, High and Low pressure joint testers. 



An easy repair coupling for most sewer/drainage pipes. 


Measurement Technologies, Inc. -

H2O Neutralizer for Chlorination & Dechlorination of water lines. Chemicals for Dechlorination. 


Regal Chlorinators -

Manufacturers of direct mount Gas Chlorinators, SmartValve gas feed regulator, and other Chlorine Gas control devices. 


SebaKMT -

Leak Detection equipment. Acoustical, Loggers, Correlators. 


TEAM Industrial InsertValve - 

Field installable inline valve system that permits installation without taking lines out of service.


Vivax-Metrotech -

Pipe and Cable Locators, Acoustical Leak Detectors, Leak Correlator, Water Leak Data Logger Systems 


U.S. Saws & Blades -

Diamond Saw Blades and tools for Pipe Cutting, Drilling, Beveling, & Lifting. Gas, Hydraulic and Air powered tools!